Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven Review

Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart Roaster Oven, Stainless SteelIf you love to cook but hate the clean up and need to keep things simple, check out the Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven. Hamilton Beach offers a number of quality products to make your life easier and their roasters are one of them. There are a number of styles available to ensure that every kitchen can have one.

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There are a number of other brands that offer roaster ovens but a Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven is certainly one of the top favorites. Model 32229 is one of the largest roaster’s available, next to the oven of course but these appliances make themselves a worthy purchase. Some of the features that this stainless steel model offers are:

  • Single control knob
  • Maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Removable interior pan with lid
  • Removable wire rack
  • Dimensions of 25 x 18 x 11 inches


The interior pan makes this roaster oven a must have as it can be easily removed to serve and for cleaning purposes. The housing is stainless steel which provides a clean look and is also easy to clean. The exterior handles are heat resistant which makes the roaster oven easy to move if necessary.

What can a roaster oven be used for? Think about what your oven can do and then put those thoughts into a much smaller package. A roaster oven can not only roast but it can bake, steam and keep foods warm when necessary too. It is perfect to make your favorite meals and take them with you to share with others.

There are many benefits to having a roster oven. One is that this appliance uses a lot less energy than the oven and therefore doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven can. Another feature is that the appliance is portable and will sit on any countertop or table without taking up much room. A third benefit is when there are a number of dishes that require the traditional oven for cooking; the roaster oven can hold the largest item to be cooked which frees up a great deal of cooking space in the oven itself.


My Review

I like this particular roaster oven because of its size. It is large enough to cook a 23 pound turkey in less time than in the traditional oven. That means less energy used and the kitchen doesn’t get as hot. The removable rack makes removing the poultry or ham so much easier and with the feet on the rack, the food isn’t sitting in the excess fat.

I also like the fact that this pared down oven comes with a lid which helps to keep moisture and heat in. Compared to an oven, a certain amount of heat isn’t lost so the temperature recovery time is minimal. With the temperature maintained and the moisture kept in, the results are foods that are moist and done in a smaller time frame than a regular oven so basting isn’t necessary.

The only down side that I would think one may have with this roaster oven is storing it due to the size of it. Other than storage issues, this roaster oven is perfect for those who have large families or like to entertain. There is even an additional serving unit that can be purchased to cook multiple foods at one time.

The price is reasonable and there is also an 18 quart model available. If you are considering a roaster oven, the Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven model 32229 is one that will work for all your needs.


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Rival Roaster Oven Review

Rival RO230-B 22-Quart Roaster Oven, BlackBusy cooks often feel like a second oven would come in handy, which is why the Rival Roaster oven exists. This roaster oven has a huge capacity that can take on a number of cooking tasks that you don’t have room for in your oven. Best of all, it does it so without consuming as much power as a conventional oven does. Whether it’s a turkey or a birthday cake, a roaster oven can save time and space in a busy kitchen.

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  • An enormous 22 quart capacity
  • Includes a removable rack and a roasting pan
  • Has a lid rack to make serving easy
  • An adjustable temperature dial lets you choose the heat from 150 to 450 degrees


My Review

There’s a lot to like about this roaster, but what it really comes down to is size. This roaster is simply huge! It’s big enough that it can handle up to a 22 pound turkey. This would come in incredibly useful around the holiday season – imagine not having to have your oven monopolized for the entire day by a huge turkey or ham. Instead, you can use it for dishes that don’t take as much time to cook and leave the heavy lifting to the roaster.

Another great thing about the Rival Roaster is that it doesn’t take as much power as a conventional oven does. This is perfect if you’re trying to save a bit on your electricity bill. It also comes in handy if you live in a hot area. It won’t heat up your kitchen when you turn it on. In fact, if you got creative you could probably set it up outside and cook in the fresh air!

Finally, this roaster oven seems like it’s made for entertaining. It’s solid and easy to transport, making it easy to bring with you to parties or events. It also comes with a lid holder which makes serving out of it simple and effective.


What Others are Saying About the Rival Roaster

Most reviewers of this oven rate it very highly. One thing that everyone seems to love about it is its generous size. People have been able to cook two chickens at a time, as well as 20-22 pound turkeys. This saves on energy and time and allows people to feed big families without stress.

Another thing people commented on is the quality of the food that you can cook with it. Meat comes out juicy and delicious and leaves the fat at the bottom. The only downside with this aspect is that the roaster might not get the skin of birds as crispy as what you would get in a conventional oven, but with a bit of extra time in the oven this problem is solved.


Finding the Best Deal

Whether you’ve got a huge family or a small one, a roaster oven is a great investment. If 22 quarts is a little too much for you, Rival also has an 18 quart model available. You can learn more about either size Rival Roaster at Amazon.com.


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Oster Roaster Oven Review

Oster CKSTRS71 18-Quart Roaster Oven with Buffet Server, WhiteIf you are looking for a multi-functional roaster, the Oster Roaster Oven model CKSTRS71 should be on your list of possible options. The white colored exterior provides a clean look that will fit easily into any decor. The best feature of this roaster is the ability to serve foods buffet style.

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If you are looking for a smaller oven, a roaster oven is the appliance for you. If you like to host parties or attend a lot of potlucks, then a roaster oven with a buffer server is a must have appliance for you. A typical roaster oven allows the flexibility to cook soups to turkeys just like you would in an oven. There is one difference and that is that the roaster oven won’t brown.

  • Removable roasting pan (18 quart capacity)
  • 3 removable smaller pans (enamel on steel) with lids
  • Removable cooking rack
  • Single knob temperature adjustment
  • Lid rest for easy serving
  • 17 x 23 x 9 inches


Heating up the oven to roast an 18 pound turkey is no more with this compact roaster oven. Instead of trying to find 3 pans, this buffet server allows 3 foods to be cooked or warmed at the same time in one unit. Roasting isn’t the only thing you can do; you can also bake and of course serve in an elegant and convenient appliance.

The removable cooking rack makes cooking easy too. In fact, the rack doesn’t sit directly on the interior’s bottom so that the food you are cooking isn’t sitting in the fat that is released during cooking. However, the moisture is not released due to the metal lid and helps to keep the food being cooked moist.

The main feature of this particular roaster oven is the 3 individual pans that are inset into the main unit. These pans are deeper than the competitor’s so you are not refilling as often. Each pan can hold the same food or different foods. This makes serving appetizers or meals that require multiple ingredients a snap.


My Review

This particular Oster Roaster Oven, model CKSTRS71 is currently the 12th most popular item on Amazon in the Rotisseries & Roasters category. The brand name, the flexibility and the convenience that this roaster oven provides will ensure its popularity stays for some time. This small but powerful appliance is easy to clean and is portable too.

I like the idea that Oster offers a roaster oven in which I can bake a turkey for a special day or choose to use it at the next party to heat and serve any number of foods that I choose. The buffet server is actually my favorite feature because we tend to have a lot of foods that require multiple ingredients that require heating like rice, beans and meat.

I like the fact that I can make a number of different foods all with one useful appliance. For those who need a larger version, there is also a 22 quart option available. It is a little bulky to store but it’s flexibility make up for it.  Overall, I believe that the Oster Roaster Oven model CKSTRS71 in white is classic looking and offers flexibility over a number of other roaster ovens you can choose from today.


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